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A young and dynamic team

CambioRuote is the leading e-commerce in the sale of car tires with more than 6,500 items and 20 brands and represents the largest assortment in Italy. We are a reality that combines freshness and experience, thanks to a young and dynamic team that has integrated into a reality that has been active in the tire sector for over 40 years.

Our passion is at your service to assist you in every step, from tire choice to delivery.

CambioRuote never abandons you! That's who we are...

Team Alessandro Felappi
Alessandro Felappi
Born in 1989 Alessandro entered the world of tires and alloy wheels from an early age with the family company, Felappi srl, managed by his grandfather and then by his father Luigi, active in the sale and change of tires on Lake Iseo since 1979.
In 2005 he decides with his father to explore the world of online commerce and in a short time reaches extraordinary results on platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Becoming CEO of the company in 2016, he decided to expand further: in 2020 Gripmoto.it is born, the first e-commerce entirely dedicated to motorcyclists and in 2021 CambioRuote.it arrives where you can find complete wheels, tires and rims alloy tailored to your car.

After the success achieved, the desire to improve remains intact, and with a young and professional team, growing will not be a problem for this company!

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Team Paola Lanfranchi
Paola Lanfranchi
Accounting manager
Team Chiara Comelli
Chiara Comelli
Chief operating officer (COO)
and B2B salesperson

Team Stefano Zoppetti
Stefano Zoppetti
B2C manager
Team Paolo Oprandi
Paolo Oprandi
Complaint Manager

Team Federico Felappi
Federico Felappi
B2B Manager

Team Sabrina Brozzoni
Sabrina Brozzoni
Logistics Manager

Team Paolo Galeazzi
Paolo Galeazzi
Marketing and communication manager
Team Diego Vitali
Diego Vitali
and Marketplace Manager

Team Alessandro Conti
Alessandro Conti
IT developer and consultant
Team Giulia Montini
Giulia Montini
Marketing, communication officer and social media manager
Team Roberto Diomaiuta
Roberto Diomaiuta
Store manager
Team Nicola Zanotti
Nicola Zanotti
Senior tire fitter
Team Fabiano Felappi
Fabiano Felappi
Senior tire fitter
and shipping employee

Team Matteo Piantoni
Matteo Piantoni
Mechanic referent

Team Daniele Cifra
Daniele Cifra
Senior tire fitter
Team Cristian Pezzoni
Cristian Pezzoni
Junior tire fitter
and shipping employee

Team Daniele Ponzoni
Daniele Ponzoni
Warehouse employee

Team Patrick Salvi
Patrick Salvi
Tire fitter

The Type of the car is a code that the producer assigns to each vehicle in order to distinguish it from similar models.

You can find this code in the italian registration certificate in two places: At point D.2, Vehicle type, or at point E, vehicle identification number.

If you need help, contact us via WhatsApp at 345 0634873