MOMO is a leading Italian car accessories and light alloy wheel company, founded by gentleman driver Gianpiero Moretti in 1964. It was precisely in that year, that Moretti commissioned a craftsman to make a custom-made steering wheel for his racing car. This special steering wheel - the first MOMO steering wheel in history - had a thicker and better grip than the other racing steering wheels. The drivers of the other teams, intrigued by Moretti's steering wheel, asked for an identical one for their own cars, and had the opportunity to test its qualities. After some time, Ferrari Formula 1 driver John Surtees also had it installed in his own single-seater. Surtees' Ferrari, equipped with the MOMO steering wheel, was the car that won the world title at the end of the championship. It was then that Moretti had the intuition to turn his passion into an industrial reality, and started producing the famous sports steering wheels.

As early as the 1970s, the company began to diversify its production, introducing its first aftermarket light alloy wheel, at a time when almost all wheels on the market were still made of iron.

Once again, MOMO was able to transform, once again, a simple car component into a true design object, capable of enhancing the aesthetics of any car.

But design is not the only added value that any MOMO product must necessarily have; when it comes to alloy wheels, for example, the technological component has always been relevant, for reasons mainly related to performance and, above all, safety. First and foremost, the product must be able to withstand high loads, shocks of a certain magnitude, corrosion and many other adverse elements, which one easily encounters during everyday car use. The wheel, in fact, is above all a safety element: since it is the main point of contact, together with the tyre, between the car and the road, it is essential for it to be completely reliable and safe.

To meet these requirements, MOMO has always invested a lot of resources into safety: proof of this are the numerous certifications obtained worldwide, such as TUV-KBA in Germany, JWL in Japan, SAE in the USA, NAD in Italy, and many others.

An important contribution to the know-how that MOMO has accrued in its sixty years of activity has certainly come from the world of motorsport. Suffice it to mention Nelson Piquet's famous Formula One world championship victory in 1983 in a Brabham single-seater, equipped with MOMO rims.

The Type of the car is a code that the producer assigns to each vehicle in order to distinguish it from similar models.

You can find this code in the italian registration certificate in two places: At point D.2, Vehicle type, or at point E, vehicle identification number.

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